26 fun things to do this Sober October

Sober October is here guys! The initiative was started by Macmillan in order to raise money to support those dealing with cancer. Not only is it a good cause but it’s also a great chance to detox your body and have a fresh start as we go into the winter months! There are so many benefits to removing alcohol from your life including a clearer head, more energy, better sleep and weight loss. So, why not give it a go?

All you have to do is head to the ‘Go Sober for October’ website and sign up. You can choose to commit to 14, 21 or 31 days. Then, you simply have to go sober for October! Remember to ask as many friends and family members to donate to you so you can help as many people living with cancer as possible. So far Macmillan have raised £2,142,114 and 59,950 people are participating. That’s amazing, but we know we can help raise even more!

Of course, October is a long month and it can be a cold one, so we thought we’d come up with a bucket list full of fun, autumnal activities you can do to stay entertained.

Our Sober October bucket list:

1. Go pumpkin picking at a pumpkin patch! They have them all over the UK at this kind of year. We love this one in Bristol and this pick your own farm in Surrey has all sorts of winter veg, including pumpkins for you to choose from.


  2. Carve or paint your pumpkins! Once you’ve got your pumpkins, why not spend the afternoon carving them or painting them with some cool designs. There are tons of cool ideas over on Pinterest!


3. Get baking. Sticking with the theme here - bake a pumpkin pie! Not a pumpkin fan? Why not bake a yummy fruit crumble? Make it even more fun and have a little competition with your family to see who can make the tastiest one! You could create a Free For All Challenge with your family on Challenge Social to record your attempts and compare the crumbles! You’ll need a non-biased judge though so make sure to set a referee!


4. Practice your photography skill. Try to snap the best autumnal picture you can. This is a great way to have fun with your friends at the moment with the social distancing restrictions. You and 6 friends can all go on a walk together, spread apart of course, and see who can take the best autumnal photo. Bet you can’t beat this one:


5. Have a horror movie marathon. It’s spooky season. So there’s no better time to get comfy on the sofa and work your way through some scary films. You could even make it into a fun challenge. The person who screams first loses! Set up the challenge in Challenge Social and add a forfeit for the scaredy-cat! Looking for some horror film recommendations. No problem. We’ve got you!

Not a fan of scaring yourself silly? Try one of these instead:


6. Design and make your own Halloween costume. Get creative and plan out your Halloween costume in advance. Try and make it out of old materials that you have lying about or get some supplies cheap off eBay. You could also start practising your Halloween make-up and face paint skills. 


7. Go for a hike, run or bike ride. There are lots of beautiful walks and bike rides all around the UK and autumn is the perfect time to do them with all the pretty leaves falling. Use an app like AllTrails to find your hike and then record your time and distance on Challenge Social and challenge your friends to do it faster. 


8. Set up camp in the garden. Or in the woods if you can find a safe place where camping is permitted. Pretend your back at Guides or Scouts and tell spooky stories around a fire!


9. Cook an autumn-themed meal. Make a steaming stew, a spicy chilli or vegetable soup! A cosy meal like that will leave you feeling all warm and toasty inside. Again, you could make this one into a bit of a competition. Challenge your family or friends on Challenge Social to top your autumn dish. Remember to upload some pictures so the referee can judge on presentation too! 


10. Go chestnut collecting. Go on a walk and collect some chestnuts. They’re the ones in the brown, prickly shells - not conkers in the green hard shells! Once you’re back home you can roast them in the oven or fry them like this for a tasty snack. 


11. Play Conkers. Speaking of conkers. Why not get your parents or grandparents to teach you how to play conkers. Then, see if you can beat them. Create a challenge in Challenge Social to keep score and find out who is the reigning champion of conkers. 


12. Go on a picnic. Just because the weather is beginning to turn, it doesn’t mean we need to constantly shelter away inside. In fact, autumn can have some lovely sunny days. Gather your picnic mat and your flask together, take some treats and enjoy a picnic under an autumn tree!


13. Make your garden wildlife friendly. As autumn comes rolling in, the English wildlife is getting prepared for the winter months of hibernation. Help them out by building your own bird feeder (here are some great ideas!) or making your garden hedgehog friendly!


14. Visit a maize maze. This can be super fun for all the family and a bit spooky too if you’ve seen one too many scary films. Find your nearest maize maze with this handy website!  


15. Come up with an alternative to trick or treating. Because of the social distancing restrictions this year, trick or treating isn’t really an option. So, come up with a fun alternative. Do an Easter egg hunt but swap out the Easter eggs for fun Halloween treats and sweets. Make it into a game and get the whole family involved. See who can find the most chocolate eyeballs in under a minute! Of course, you can still get dressed up if you want to and even play a funny prank on the loser.


16. Build and fly your own kite. October can be a very windy month. So why not take advantage of it. Build your own kite out of old materials and test it out in your local park. 


17. Build a fort or den in your house or out of materials in the woods. Hey, we know what you’re thinking. Dens are not just for kids. Let loose. Have some fun. Make a really epic one like the one in Community! Challenge your friends to try and make a better one and take pics to show your den off on Challenge Social!


18. Have a board game night. When is a board game night not fun? You can always get competitive and create a challenge with your family on Challenge Social to see who wins the most times at Scrabble!


19. Start working out from home. Now that lots of us are working from home, working out should be way easier. Order a yoga mat and weights online or if you’re short on money, a couple towels and some litre bottles should do. Keeping active and energised during the colder months is so important for your mental health and wellness.


20. Play a new game. Always gaming? Why not branch out and try a new game? If you’re a Fifa fan, why not try playing COD? See if you can get really good and beat your pro mates by creating a challenge on Challenge Social. Or try a completely different console like the Nintendo Switch and have a go at Mario Kart or Animal Crossing. Two games which are getting a lot of hype right now are Ooblets and Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. These are perfect if you’re looking for a giggle. 


21. Order a take-out that you haven’t tried before. Never tried Thai food? Or lebanese? Find a take-out in your area for a cuisine you haven’t tasted before and give it a go. Maybe even try that new pizza take out you’ve been wanting to for ages! Take-outs are a great way to have a fun and special evening when you’re doing Sober October and can’t go for a few drinks at the pub. Plus, you’ll be helping out a local business in this difficult time.


22. Get artsy crafty. Try your hand at painting or drawing. Or see if you would make a good potter or sculptor with Sculpd: the at-home clay kit. Create a 1v1 challenge on Challenge Social with your best friend to see who can paint the best picture or create an Open Challenge to find out who can make the best clay pot. 


23. Visit a botanical garden or nature garden. Walking around a beautiful botanical garden or National Trust garden is nice and relaxing and will give you an extra boost of fresh air. Some of them you can even take the dog round! Don’t have any open gardens near you? Redirect that passion for nature and head to your local garden centre to pick up some new plants. Then, spend some time making your garden look gorgeous again.


24. Go virtual. There are so many things you can do virtually now to keep yourself occupied. Join a virtual choir, learn a language or take an online course on a site like Udemy. Get others involved and challenge them on Challenge Social to make it more exciting. Love theatre? Watch a production of your favourite Shakespeare play online here on ‘The Show Must Go Online’ website. Or even enjoy a virtual tour of a museum or zoo! Lots of different museums have online interactive tours and zoos around the UK have been streaming their animals for people to watch online.  


25. Have some traditional Halloween fun. Fill a bucket with water and do some apple bobbing or make toffee apples. Mmm yum! Or get inventive and make a crazy golf course in your garden using pumpkins! There are also tons of silly Halloween games you can play at home with your family or friends. Here are just a few: 

  • Get the doughnut off the string
  • Eat a doughnut without licking your lips
  • Try and get smarties out of a bowl of flour using just your mouth
  • Make a halloween costume out of a bin sack
  • Pin the spider on the web
  • Hit the piñata

Any of these games and activities can make great challenges to compete against your family and friends. They’re bound to leave you laughing and make a Halloween to remember. 


26. Have fun this Sober October on Challenge Social

Download Challenge Social and start creating and discovering fun challenges to take part in with your friends and family. Or have a scroll through some Open Challenges and find one you think you can beast. Challenges can be 1v1, in teams, Free For All with up to 20 other players or Open for the whole community. Bonus: they can be absolutely anything. Sports, singing, baking or gaming, whatever it is you’re good at, compete and keep score on Challenge Social. You can also add media to hold on to those all important memories having fun with your friends and family. If you want, you can also add a referee to monitor the competition and a forfeit for the loser. 

For Sober October, you could even set up your own challenge against your friends in a Free For All, or with them as a Team, to see who can raise the most money for Macmillan. Try to make the Go Sober for October leaderboards to see if you can be one of the top fundraisers or teams. 

Challenge. Track. Share.