So what’s it all about?

Challenge Social is the exciting new social media app that lets you create and discover fun challenges.

With Challenge Social you can create challenges to compete against friends, family and even the pros. You can share your challenges with everyone or stay in control and keep your challenges private. It’s a way to track all of your competitive data including wins, losses and points. If you want to keep the competition going, you can even replay challenges and create individual leaderboards.

Challenge Social isn’t just about competition. It’s a social platform where you can create your own profile and of course, interact with others. You can even add media to challenges to capture memories and highlights to look back on for years to come.

How did this all come about?

Challenge Social was born in January 2019 when two brothers, Josh and Archie, were playing Fifa with their friends. They were having a bit of back and forth about who had won the most games but had no way of knowing for sure. So, they began their hunt for an app that could help them keep track of their competitive data but had no success. Suddenly, they had a revelation and the Challenge Social journey began.

What’s our mission?

Challenge Social is about positivity, community and fun. We want to bring people together on a positive platform which encourages being both active and social. Whether you’re keeping it serious or having a laugh, we want everyone to get involved: the young, the elderly and everyone in between. Here at Challenge Social, we want to change the way people think about social media for the better. Challenge accepted.

Press Kit

Below are a bunch of resources such as photos and logos, that can be used to represent Challenge Social. We have compiled this content to be used in press articles, reviews and media.