Version 1.5. The big release!

The time has finally arrived where we can bring you the big 1.5 update! We’re super excited to share with you the major changes we’ve made to the way responses look and function on the app and introduce you to our new voting system.

So, what has changed?

Firstly, we’ve created a brand-new experience for interacting with responses. The “Like” button has been replaced with a “Vote” button and responses are now sorted by votes, so the more votes you have the higher you rank. Each response has its rank displayed in the top right corner with the first, second and third highest ranked featuring special gold, silver and bronze icons. Now when creating an Open Challenge you have the option to add a duration, this is the amount of time during which people can vote for responses before the winner is decided. 

Secondly, we’ve completely redesigned the way responses are displayed. Before we had a standard ‘list view’ of the responses. Well, not any more! Now you can view the responses in a full screen view as well as a ‘grid view’. Whilst in the grid view you can switch between three tabs, ‘Hot’, ‘New’ and ‘Following’. The ‘Hot’ tab shows responses in order of votes, the ‘New’ tab shows the responses that you haven’t seen yet and ‘Following’ tab shows responses by people you follow, so you can easily see your friends' responses. In the full screen view you can now swipe up and down to snap between responses.

Finally, in this update we have shuffled a few things around and neatened up on some of the app’s design as well as fixing minor bugs. As always, we want to know how you think we can improve Challenge Social, so If you have suggestions please do let us know on the community forum.

These changes bring a new dynamic to the monthly competitions that our team of ambassadors share, and adds a competitive spin to the way Challenge Social is used.

How do I vote on a response?

When you see an Open Challenge response on the newsfeed just tap on the ‘Vote’ icon, and it’s the same in the full responses section too. Remember, whilst you can vote on each response once, there is no limit to the amount of responses you can vote on within each challenge! Just make sure to vote before the challenge duration ends!

We really hope you enjoy this new update as much as we do. Now we have these new features we will be introducing some new brand ambassadors as well as forming some great partnerships, so make sure you check the Challenge Social account for new content! 

Challenge. Track. Share.