Say Hello to Challenge Social

Say hello to Challenge Social: the exciting new social media app that lets you create and discover fun challenges. A place for you to compete against and engage with your friends, family and even the pros! We have been working hard since early 2019 to bring Challenge Social to your phones. Now, we have finally launched and our amazing platform is out on both Android and IOS for everyone to enjoy. So, first things first, we wanted to take you through the app and what it’s all about. 

What is Challenge Social?

Challenge Social is a new app where you can create challenges to compete against friends, family, professionals and other users who are at the top of their game. You can share your challenges with anyone and everyone or stay in control and keep your challenges private. Challenge Social is a way to track all of your competitive data including wins, losses, draws and points. If you want to keep the competition going, you can even replay challenges and create individual leaderboards.

The challenges you create can be absolutely anything, like timing how long you can do a handstand, challenging your friends to a game of footy or hosting your very own singing competition! You can also choose what type of challenge you want to create; there are 4 different types. 

1v1 Challenge - A 1v1 Challenge lets you go head to head with one friend or family member. Whether you want to see who’s the best at Fifa or who can bake the best cake, 1v1 challenges let you compete one to one. 

Team Challenge - This challenge is ideal if you want to team up for a bit of friendly competition. You can add up to 20 members per team to play a bit of 5-a-side football, a few games of bowling or whatever you fancy. 

Free For All Challenge - Want to take the competition up a level? Choose a Free For All Challenge to compete in fun challenges against 3-20 other players. The possibilities are endless with this challenge type - see who can cycle 100 miles the fastest or which family member is the champion of UNO!

Open Challenge - To challenge the whole community, you want to select an Open Challenge. Compete against unlimited competitors to see how you rank up against friends, family, pro athletes and other users at the top of their game. 

But, Challenge Social isn’t just about competition. It’s a social platform where you can create your own profile and of course, interact with others. You can even add media to challenges to capture memories and highlights to look back on for years to come. 

Now we’ll take you through the Features!

Challenge Social has so many fantastic features, and we’re so excited to see you using them. But first, we’ll give you a quick overview so you can get the most out of the app!

Create Challenges - Go head to head with a 1 v 1, get everyone together for a Team Challenge, or try Free For All to see who’s the best. You can even let the whole community take part with an Open Challenge. It’s totally up to you! Add a forfeit for the losers and a referee if you’re getting serious.

Challenge Media - Save the highlights of your challenges by adding media to each challenge - create memories that will last. Engage with others’ challenge media and get involved with their favourite moments. Look back on those funny videos and photos kept alongside all your challenge data.

Replay Challenges - Got a regular competition going? Play Monopoly with your family every Sunday night or a round of golf with your friends on Fridays? Replay challenges and watch the scores update on the leaderboard.

Leaderboards - Scout out the competition on the leaderboards. Check out challenge winners, their wins, draws, losses and the points they’ve earned! These leaderboards will update every time you replay a challenge. 

Search - Keep up to date and see what challenges your friends are taking part in. Like and comment on challenges and share your favourites! Stay engaged - follow your favourite users to see their posts pop-up on your newsfeed and quickly discover new challenges to get involved with.

Open Challenges - Challenge the whole community to see how you face up against the best of the best. Have unlimited competitors and compete to rank up against users who are at the top of their game. Discover fun challenges, watch the best attempts rise to the top and upload your own response.

Challenge Profile - Create and customize your challenge profile, display your points and view all your challenges and challenge media for challenges you have created and participated in. Grow a following and interact with your favourite users.

We also have a few more exciting new features in the making and will be sure to let you know as soon as we launch them. So, stay tuned!

Next, we want to share a bit about how Challenge Social began! 

Challenge Social was born in January 2019 when two brothers, Josh and Archie, were playing Fifa with their friends. They were having a bit of back and forth about who had won the most games but had no way of knowing for sure. So, they began their hunt for an app that could help them keep track of their competitive data, however, had no success. Suddenly, they had a revelation and the Challenge Social journey began.


If you want to read more about the app’s journey and how it all started, check out our recent blog: ‘How Challenge Social became a concept’. 

Our vision for Challenge Social now and going forward:

We wanted to create an app all about positivity, community and fun. So, we created Challenge Social to bring people together on a positive platform which encourages being both active and social. Whether you’re keeping it serious or having a laugh, we want everyone to get involved: the young, the elderly and everyone in between. Here at Challenge Social, we want to change the way people think about social media for the better. Challenge Accepted. 

Want to hear more about our mission and what makes Challenge Social different? This blog post goes into some extra detail! 

We hope you’ll join us and help to make Challenge Social a fun and exciting platform for everyone. In fact, we’d love to hear what you think. Any ideas or suggestions you have, big or small, please drop them in our forums! We’ll be checking regularly to see what improvements we can implement to make Challenge Social the best it can be. 

Challenge. Track. Share.