Our Focus on Community

When building Challenge Social, our vision was to create a fun and positive platform, with a strong community focus. Therefore, it’s important to us to ensure our platform continues to be a fun, exciting and engaging place for the community. So, we’ve created a Challenge Social Community Forum where you can chat to us and each other about all your ideas, big and small, to help us keep improving Challenge Social.

We want the app to be the best it can be and welcome any feedback you may have. Of course, we also want to hear all the exciting things you’re getting up to and your best bits of the app. The Challenge Social Community Forum is going to be the main way for you to get in touch with the Challenge Social team; so, read on to find out more about the forums and how they work.


Give your feedback & feature ideas

The 'Feedback and Feature Ideas' section is the part of the forum where we want to encourage you to leave your feedback about the app and any ideas for future changes or additions. Feel free to discuss your ideas with each other - that’s what this forum is for and what Challenge Social is all about: community. We hope to use these forums as our main point of focus when looking to improve and update the app. So, post all your ideas and suggestions here for us to see.

Learn about app development & updates

Here at Challenge Social, we want to be as transparent with you as possible. Therefore, within our forum, we have created a development section where we can keep you up to speed with all the latest development news! Here is where we will post about what new features or elements we have implemented and are working towards for the future. So, if you post an idea in the Feedback section, make sure to check back and see if your idea has become part of our development plan. This section of the forum will allow us to keep you up to date with all our progress so you know what’s happening with the app and when.

Get help from the community & Challenge Social team

Don’t sweat. There’s also a ‘Help’ section within our forum. This is where you can contact the Challenge Social team with any issues or problems you might be having with the app. Ideally, of course, there won't be any, but we want to be there if you do need some help. Additionally, should you be having any difficulties with the app, you can get answers from the rest of the community! Challenge Social is all about working together so if you see someone with a question you think you can answer, don’t be shy, swoop in and help them out. 

Discuss all those fun challenges

The 'Challenges' section is simply a space to talk about all the fun challenges you find on Challenge Social. Perhaps you want to share a really cool Open Challenge that’s going viral or share your own challenge and see if others want to get involved? It’s up to you. We just wanted to have a space on the forum for people to engage with one another.

Have a chit-chat

In the 'General Chat' section, the Challenge Social team will share any brand updates that aren’t directly associated with the app, for example, new ambassadors or investors who have joined the team! However, we have called this section ‘General Chat’ for a reason. Because we really want it to be for anything and everything. Have something to say which doesn’t fit into any of the other categories? This is the place to say it.

In summary, we are excited to see how the forum evolves over time, what you find useful and all the fun ideas and suggestions the community has to offer. We will, of course, be adding more categories and developing the forums in the future, so check back. And hey, if you have any suggestions even about how to improve the forums themselves, go leave us a message now!

Remember you can also reach out to us on our socials!

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