How To: Create a Challenge on Challenge Social

Because we’re a new platform in the social media world, we thought it would be helpful to show you how to create a challenge on Challenge Social. We want to make sure you’re getting the most out of the app, so we’re going to take you through the create a challenge process step-by-step. 

Let’s create a challenge together

So, first things first, we need to open up the Challenge Social app. Then, we need to click the blue plus icon at the bottom of the screen. This will take us through to the ‘Choose your Challenge’ screen. Now we have 4 different options: the 1v1 Challenge, the Team Challenge, the Free For All Challenge and the Open Challenge. We’re going to take you through how to create each challenge type and what would be a great example for that particular challenge!

We’ll start with a 1v1 challenge

Let’s say you want to challenge your best friend to see who can bake the best brownies. Your best bet would be a 1v1 Challenge. So go ahead and tap ‘1v1 Challenge’. 

Step 1. Add a picture to your challenge.


This will act like your cover photo for the whole challenge. You can either upload a picture you’ve taken previously or take a picture with your phone camera there and then to use. Perhaps you have a picture of some brownies you have baked previously like this one above - Yum! Or you could take a picture of you and your friend standing with your ingredients and spoons at the ready! 

Step 2. Also, from this first screen you can use the plus and minus buttons to add and subtract the amount of points that you want the challenge to be worth. 

For example, if you wanted the winner of your challenge to receive 10 points, you need to set the points to 5. This means that whoever loses the challenge will lose 5 points and the winner will gain all 10. When you’re done, you just want to click ‘Next’. 

Bonus Tip: Want to quickly add a custom number of points, tap the number itself and type the number of points you want to give out. 

Step 3. Now you can put in a title and description for your challenge.


So, in this instance, you might title your challenge ‘Who is the brownie baking champion?’; then, for your description you might write some rules, for example a time limit and a set recipe you both need to use.  Remember for your title you have a 70-character limit and for your description 2000. 

Step 4. If you’re setting up a challenge that you’re planning to complete in the future, this is the stage where you can add the date. You can also add a forfeit for the loser. For example, the brownie baking loser might have to pay for your next coffee. (P.S. You can edit and adjust the challenge privacy settings from this screen too!) After you’ve done this, you just need to click that trusty ‘Next’ button again.

Step 5. This is the last screen and arguably the most important. This is the time to choose your brownie baking competitor. Obviously, you are going to be ‘Player 1’, but you need to click the ‘Add Competitor’ button to add your competitor as ‘Player 2’. Choose their name from the list or use the handy search bar to find them quickly. Similarly, you can choose to add a referee if you’re getting serious. Maybe get your sibling or one of your parents to be the professional brownie taste tester. We doubt they’ll decline! Once you’ve done all of this, the screen should look like this:


Finally, click finish. And that’s that, you have created your very own 1v1 Challenge. Now you can get baking. Don’t forget, you can add photos and funny videos throughout your challenge to capture those all important memories. 

What about a Team Challenge?

Creating a Team Challenge is a very similar process to creating a 1v1 Challenge, there’s just one small difference!

For this Team Challenge, let’s use the example of playing 5-a-side football with your mates.  Steps 1-4 are very much the same as when you are creating a 1v1 challenge so just follow the steps above. The difference comes in when you get to that final screen. Now, instead of choosing only one other competitor, you’re going to need to add several and assign them to different teams. So, the screen will look a bit different, like this:


What you want to do is to click ‘Add Competitors’ on Team 1 and add 5 friends to this team in the same way you did with the 1v1 Challenge. Then, add another 5 friends to Team 2. You can even give each team its own unique name by tapping on the pencil icon. There’s also the option to add more teams by clicking the ‘Add Team’ button. You can add up to 10 separate teams! After you’ve selected your teams, it should look something like this:


Then, just like with the 1v1 Challenge, you can add a referee. Click finish and it’s time for kick off! Remember to film the highlights and upload them to your challenge after you’ve finished the game. 

How about a Free For All Challenge?

Once again, creating a Free For All Challenge is basically exactly the same as creating a 1v1 Challenge. However, with a Free For All Challenge rather than competing against just one other person, you can open up the challenge to multiple competitors. In fact, you can compete with up to 20 others! 

For our example this time, we’ll set up a family game of UNO. All you need to do is follow the exact same steps as before, like you did with your 1v1 and Team Challenges. Again, the difference only comes at the end with the adding competitors screen. 

This time you will see a screen like this:


You just want to click ‘Add Competitors’ and simply add your competitors as you have done with the previous challenges by clicking on their name or searching for them. (By the way, you have to have a minimum of three players, otherwise you need to go back and create a 1v1 Challenge.) Once you have chosen all your competitors, your screen should look like this:


Next, you guessed it, add your referee (if you want one), click finish and start playing! Why not take a nice family photo at the beginning of the night to upload to the challenge and hold as a memory?

Finally, there’s the Open Challenge

We hate to break it to you but this one’s a bit different to the other three because it has no limitation on competitors. (You weren’t expecting that were you?) But don’t sweat it. It’s actually even easier to create an Open Challenge!

Step 1. Just like with the other challenges, the first step is to add your media. The difference here is that you can upload a video instead of photo. This is because the media for an Open Challenge works a bit differently. Instead of acting as a cover photo, the media you upload acts as the challenge itself. For example, let’s say you want to challenge the whole Challenge Social community to see if anyone has a voice powerful enough to hit a higher note than you! You might want to film yourself hitting the highest note you can and upload it here!


Step 2) Next, it’s time to add your challenge title and description! So, for the example above, you might title your challenge ‘Pitch Perfect’ and give it a fun description. 


After you’ve done this, simply click finish and you’re done! That’s all there is to it. We told you Open Challenges were simple. Now sit back and watch the responses come rolling in. 

Not sure exactly what an Open Challenge is or how it works? Read this blog; it explains everything! 

And that’s that! 

We hope this blog has helped you understand the create a challenge process. Got any questions or suggestions to improve Create a Challenge? Drop us a message on our forums! 

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