How To: Compete with the whole community with an Open Challenge

Previously we’ve written a blog post walking you through how to create a challenge in Challenge Social but now we want to talk to you about Open Challenges. Open Challenges can have unlimited competitors and are open to the whole community. That means that anyone and everyone who uses Challenge Social can compete. In this blog post, we’re going to give you a quick run down of how they work. 

What is an Open Challenge and how can you get involved?

Like we said, an Open Challenge is a challenge that has unlimited competitors. It’s a challenge which is open to the whole Challenge Social community; in other words, anyone can compete, including all the fantastic professionals and talented users we have using Challenge Social. This means you can engage on a more personal level with your idols, the pros and others users at the top of their game. Open Challenges allow you to get involved with others outside your usual social circle and compete for fun. You can take part in challenges created by others or create your own.

To find Open Challenges to take part in, tap on the search icon at the bottom of your screen and click Challenges. Then, Open Challenges. Any Open Challenges created by other users on the platform will then appear for you to choose from. The best part is that you don’t have to be following a user to discover an Open Challenge or to take part! If you are looking for a specific type of challenge, for example, a tennis challenge, you could type in the word ‘tennis’ in the search bar to narrow the results down.

Looking for an Open Challenge created by somebody you already follow? Check your Newsfeed. Or if you know a specific user has created an Open Challenge that you want to take part in, head back to that search tab, but this time you want to click ‘People’ instead of ‘Challenges’ and type in their username!

Once you have found an Open Challenge that you want to compete in, click on to it and have a scroll through the current ‘responses’ to see how other users have responded so far. Then, when you’re ready to compete, click the white ‘Respond’ button. 

Now it’s time to film or photograph your response. So let’s say you’ve decided to compete in a basketball challenge to see who can shoot the most hoops in a row, you would film your attempt and upload it! 

Next, you want to add your caption. For example, for the basketball challenge example, you might say:

I can shoot 20 hoops in a row! Beat that 🏀

Finally, click ‘Finish’ and you’re all done! Your response to the Open Challenge will be posted. 

Even if you don’t want to compete yourself, it can be a right laugh going through other people’s responses and you’ll get to see some really amazing talent. 

What if you want to create your own Open Challenge for others to compete in?

Don’t worry. Creating an Open Challenge is just as easy as responding to one. You simply need to add your media, whether that’s photo evidence of your success or a video of your attempt and then add a challenge title and description. 

Let’s say you’re creating an Open Challenge to see who has the cutest puppy picture or video. Scroll through your camera roll and choose the cutest picture or video you have of your puppy. Or, take one right there and then to upload. How about this cutie?


Next, add a title and description: 

Cutest Puppy Pic/Video

Isn’t Fluffy the cutest puppy ever!? 🐶

That’s all there is to it. It really is that simple. 

Need a bit more guidance? Our blog post on how to create a challenge takes you through how to create an Open Challenge step by step

Finally, here are some great examples of some Open Challenges for you to try:

Looking for a sports or fitness themed challenge? Try one of these:

  • How far can you cycle in just 1 hour?
  • What’s the longest badminton rally you can keep up?
  • Find out who can run a mile in the shortest amount of time.
  • Like horse riding? Challenge others to see who can complete a dressage course the best!
  • Try a 7 Iron challenge! Use the same golf club for, let’s say, 9 holes and see how many over-par you are compared to your competitors.
  • See how many times you can bounce a tennis ball on your racket without dropping it.
  • Test out your freestyle football skills and discover who can do the most ‘Around the worlds’!

 Not a sports fan? What about one of these challenges instead:

  • Perfect a dance routine and challenge others to do it better.
  • Record yourself rapping 16 bars and see if anyone can top you.
  • Challenge the community to a singing competition and see who can hit the highest note!
  • Fashion fanatic? Try to create as many outfits as possible with just five clothing items. Challenge others to do the same.
  • Do a spending challenge in Primark. Set a budget and see who can get the most out of their money.
  • Have a laugh with a 100 layer challenge. Put on 100 layers of anything, whether that’s clothes, nail vanish or makeup.
  • Compete to see who can bake and decorate the best cake!

Whatever Open Challenge you decide to create, remember to film your attempt or take a funny photo to upload to keep the challenge fun and engaging for the whole community. 

We can’t wait to see what fun Open Challenges you all come up with and will be sharing our favourites over on our social media! So make sure to head on over and follow us on our socials. 

If there’s an element you’d love to see added to the Open Challenge, let us know. Leave a message for us over on our forums. 

Challenge. Track. Share.