How Challenge Social wants to change the way you use social media

For far too long, social media has been about trying to have the perfect lifestyle, or at least appear as if you do. But, Challenge Social wants to change the way you think about and use social media. We have designed an app that encourages people to be more active, try new things and spend more time with family and friends. 

How is Challenge Social different from other social media platforms?

Nowadays, social media is all about aesthetics and appearances. Tiger Mobile states that the average UK user spends at least an hour and 50 minutes on social media every single day. That’s a huge amount of time spent alone with your head buried in your phone, especially when the content you are viewing has such negativity behind it. 


Here at Challenge Social, we want to leave this negativity and falsity behind. But of course, social media is now ingrained into people’s lives. Cutting it out altogether would be almost impossible. So instead, Challenge Social aims to encourage people to start using social media in a more positive way, to get active and do things with one another. To have a bit of healthy competition. We have designed an app that promotes interaction and will hopefully motivate people to try new things. 

With Challenge Social, you can create and discover fun challenges to do with your friends and family. If you choose, you can also keep these challenges private so that it’s only viewable by those you’re close to. Furthermore, you can replay challenges as often as you like meaning that you can set up regular fun activities and events with your friends and family. For example, you could go bowling every Saturday with your friends or golfing every Friday with your work colleagues and keep track of all your competitive data within the app. You could even do a weekly step count challenge with your family; use your phone or smartwatch to record your steps and upload your results to the Challenge Social app.

Even better, these challenges can be absolutely anything. We know that everybody is unique and enjoys different things; so we wanted to make sure that you can create any type of challenge you want, whether that’s a baking competition or a challenge to see who can shoot the most hoops. You can also enjoy challenges in so many ways! You can do a challenge with just one other, team up with or compete against 20 others or even invite unlimited competitors and challenge the whole community. There are endless possibilities and ways to express yourself. 

Our Challenge Social Ambassadors

Another way in which we want to change how social media is used is with our Challenge Social Ambassadors. We have filled our platform with inspiring athletes, professionals and amazing talent for you to engage with. This means that you can engage with your idols and other inspirational people in a more personal way by directly collaborating with them on challenges. Competing against such great talent will hopefully provide users with a real sense of achievement. We hope this will inspire and motivate the younger generation to try new things and be more active. Here are just a few of the great names we have using our platform already:

Eager to find out more? We have a whole blog post introducing all of our current Challenge Social Ambassadors. Click here to give it a read!

The Challenge Social Mission


Challenge Social is about positivity, community and fun. Our aim is to bring people together on a positive platform which encourages being both active and social. Whether you’re keeping it serious or having a laugh, we want everyone to get involved: the young, the elderly and everyone in between. In summary, our mission is to change the way people think about social media for the better. 

That’s not it though. We also want to make Challenge Social the best it can be.  It’s important to us that the platform continues to be a fun, exciting and engaging place for the whole community. That’s why we’ve created a community forum where you can share any ideas for future development for the app or any issues you might be having. 

Here at Challenge Social, we value your opinions and want to hear your ideas. We care about making the app good for you. So, our forum has lots of different sections for you to leave your comments including Feedback and Feature Ideas and Help. Our blog about our focus on community explains our forum and all the sections - check it out!

Challenge. Track. Share.