Heat things up in the kitchen with these 5 fun food challenges

Fancy yourself the next Master Chef champion? Why not test out your skills in the kitchen with these fun food challenges. See who can cook the yummiest curry or bake the best cookies. The possibilities are endless. You can use Challenge Social to create a challenge to hold all of your competitive cooking data and memories. But, first you need some inspiration, and we’re here to serve some up on a silver platter.

5 Food Challenges to test your cooking skills:

1. Have a Master Chef challenge at home; sort yourselves into teams for a Team Challenge and assign each team a course (starter, main, dessert). Or, go Come Dine With Me style and create a Free For All challenge; then, assign each friend or family member a night of the week to prepare a meal. Devise a scoring system based on different factors such as taste and presentation. Serve up your food and take some photos for comparison to upload in the challenge media. Finally, after every one has had a chance to show off their cooking skills, select your winner. Getting serious? Add an impartial referee and a forfeit for the loser - maybe they have to cook everyone’s dinner for a whole week. Finger’s crossed it doesn’t turn into an episode of Hell’s Kitchen!


2. Not so good at cooking but love baking? Why not host your very own Great British Bake Off. Work your way through a Signature Bake, a Technical Challenge and a Show Stopper or if that’s too much just bake a cake! Keep things fair by uploading media evidence and adding a referee, whether that’s your brother or your mum. If you do all three Bake Off rounds, make sure to take a picture of each set of baked goods you make so that the referee can do some close comparison at the end. You could do this as a simple 1v1 challenge or even a Free For All if you want to get more people involved. 

If you really want to get GBBO realistic, grab one of the recipes off the Great British Bake Off website. 


3. Create a meal with 5 ingredients. With this food challenge, you could either set it up so everyone has to use the same five ingredients to make any meal, or you could allow different ingredients but limit the amount to five. It’s up to you. Either way this can be a lot of fun and will encourage people to get inventive. This challenge could be opened up to the whole community as an Open Challenge or you could keep it private and do it 1v1 or even Free For All. Again, you might need a referee for this one!

Here are some fun 5 ingredient recipes you could try:

4. Take part in a time trial cooking contest. Timed food challenges are always a laugh. Set a time limit, choose a recipe and challenge your friends or family to make the same dish in an even shorter amount of time! For example, you could compete to see who can cook the best Chicken Tikka Masala in under 30 minutes. You can do this challenge in any way you like, whether that’s 1v1, with a team, Free For All or Open to everyone. This is a great challenge to add a forfeit too! How about the competitor who goes over the time limit (or takes the longest time) has to eat a weird food concoction put together by the winning team. Don’t go giving each other anything dangerous or harmful though. Keep it safe. 

This is a great challenge to film and upload to Challenge Social; it’ll definitely be a good video to giggle at in years to come. 

5. Cook the same dish but compete to see who cooks it best. Find out who can cook the juiciest steak or bake the best brownies. Create a scoring system, for example, what categories you are going to base your scoring on. Challenge your best friend to a 1v1 cook off, split your family into teams for a Team Challenge or compete with your whole friendship group with a Free For All Challenge. Feeling brave? See how your cooking faces up against the whole Challenge Social community with an Open Challenge.

 Again, don’t forget to film your attempt and take lots of photos to add to your challenge so you can hold on to those memories. You’ll definitely need a referee for this one!


Want to get involved but don’t have those pro cooking skills. Try these challenges:

  • Film yourself eating a spoonful of cinnamon in under 60 seconds. You can’t drink anything. Watch these 100 people giving it a go for a good chuckle. 
  • Eat a lemon challenge. Try eating a lemon without making a sour face!
  • Eat a whole stick of raw root ginger. These guys gave it their best shot!
  • The Chubby Bunny Challenge. An oldie but a goodie. See how many marshmallows you can stuff in your mouth and still say the words ‘Chubby Bunny’. The more you laugh, the harder it is. Again a great one to film.
  • How high you can flip a pancake? Can anyone do better?
  • Have a go at the Exploding Watermelon Challenge. Wrap as many elastic bands around a watermelon as you can before it blows. Stand back or take a chunk of watermelon to the face!
  • Do the traditional taste test challenge. Grab a partner, some weird food items and a blindfold. Tie the blindfold around your partner’s eyes and make them taste each item and guess what it is. Then swap roles. Whoever guesses the most right wins! Sound a bit scary? Instead, why not buy some branded and non-branded food items and see if you can tell which one is which.
  • 7 day veggie or vegan challenge. Try going vegan or vegetarian for just a week to see if you can do it. Record your progress and results in the Challenge Social app and take photos of all the creative meals you come up with. Here’s a 7-day veggie meal plan to help you out. And a vegan one too!

Now you’ve got some inspiration...Ready, Set, Cook

We’re super excited to see you taking part in some of these fun food challenges and seeing all the creative dishes and bakes you can make. So download the app and get challenging!

Need some tips on how to create your first challenge? Have a read of our recent ‘How To’ blog which walks you through how to create a challenge step by step. 

Challenge. Track. Share.