Bored in the house? Here are 27 fun challenges to do at home

Since lockdown, people have been finding new and inventive ways to entertain themselves and have fun with friends and family both in person and online. For instance, families all over the U.K. have been creating and participating in family quiz nights over Zoom. Here at Challenge Social, we have been loving seeing all the fun stuff people have been getting up to from the comfort of their own homes. So, we have come up with a list of fun challenges to do at home with your family or via video chat with your friends that you can record on Challenge Social. Here you go!

Fun Challenges to do at home but keep you active

1. Grab your siblings or even your parents and rehearse a prepared dance routine. Either make one up or practice one of the many viral dance challenges that have been trending recently. This can be a real laugh, especially if you don’t have a ton of dancing practice. Record your attempt and then create an Open Challenge on Challenge Social to upload your video! Then, you can look back months later and hold on to that memory forever. Who knows maybe you’ll be the star of the next viral dance challenge?

2. Call up your bestie and go head to head for a fitness challenge. Decide on your fitness challenge, whether that’s a 30-day squat challenge or a wall sit challenge. Check out our blog ‘18 Fun Fitness Challenges to get you moving' for some inspiration. Download Challenge Social and create a 1v1 challenge to hold all the competitive information. Then, depending on the challenge you choose, continuously photograph your progress throughout the challenge or film your attempt. Want to get serious? Add a referee to decide who has made the most progress. After you're done, remember to select the winner. 


3. Feeling flexible? Try a Yoga Challenge. There are so many fun challenges to do at home but yoga challenges can be especially funny and extra tricky.  If you have a partner, couples yoga challenges are fantastic when in need of a giggle. These couples poses in particular, look like a lot of fun! Have a go at mastering one extremely challenging pose or try to complete 30 days of yoga, increasing the difficulty each day. Side note: choose and set a referee for your challenge in the Challenge Social app to judge your attempt and snap a quick pic before you lose your balance. 


4. Invite your friends to a silly sports challenge. See who can do the best hand stand, who can do the most skips in a row or who can hula hoop for the longest. On Challenge Social, you can create a Free For All Challenge which allows you to compete against up to 20 others, add photo or video evidence and then select a winner. So, what are you waiting for? Get challenging. 

Here are a few more quick fire fun challenges to do at home to stay active:

5. How many keepy-uppys can you do?

6. How many hoops can you shoot in a row?

7. What is the longest tennis rally you can do?

8. Which family member can throw a welly the furthest?

9. Make your own crazy golf course in the garden. Compete against your family and create a Free For All Challenge using Challenge Social to keep score.

10. Similarly, create your own obstacle course!

Try some make-up challenges

11. One of the most popular and fun challenges to do at home is the no mirror make-up challenge. Simple but hilarious. Try doing your make-up without a mirror. This one’s great because you can do it alone or with friends. Make sure to take a photo of the finished result and upload it to Challenge Social to share with your friends. Find out who is the worst at doing their make-up without their reflection. 

12. The blindfolded make-up challenge is a similar concept but instead of doing your own make-up, ask your friend or family member to strap on a blindfold and try do your make-up for you. One of the best parts of this challenge is getting to film your reactions once you both see the final look. 

13. A classic challenge: the ‘friend/partner does my make-up’. This can go really well or shockingly bad depending on your chosen candidate. With this challenge, see which of your friends knows your make-up looks the best or if your partner pays attention! You could even set a forfeit for the loser using Challenge Social! For instance, if your partner loses they have to take you out to dinner or film themselves doing karaoke and upload it to the app! No matter what, this challenge is always a good laugh and a brilliant one to film and look back on.

14. Do a full face of make-up with only one product. Pick your product carefully because it will severely impact how easy or difficult this challenge is. You don’t want to end up with mascara on your cheeks and foundation in your eyebrows! The finished look for this challenge will no doubt be hysterical. This makes for a perfect Open Challenge on Challenge Social; share your look with the whole community and see if anyone can top it. 

15. Go one step further and try to do your make-up without using any traditional make-up products at all. The aim of the challenge is to use any other products or materials you can find to a replicate a make-up look, whether that’s paint, beetroot or food colouring! See if you can create a somewhat realistic look for yourself. Create a Free For All challenge with your friends on Challenge Social, upload your faux make-up looks and decide which one you would be most likely to wear out the house! Good luck. You might end up with some disastrous results. 

16. Create a full make-up look without using brushes or sponges. Get inventive; use kitchen roll, a flannel, a key, a spoon or even a lollipop stick.  You could even award extra points for the person who uses the most interesting object to achieve the best look. Once again, this challenge definitely leads to some great photo moments. 

17. This one’s a bit more unusual: the tiny hands make-up challenge. Buy yourself a pair of fake tiny hands like these, put them on your fingers and try to do your make-up using the teeniest pair of little hands! Not only will the final result be funny, but watching yourself do your make-up with tiny hands is sure to make you chuckle. Check out Jaime French's attempt below.  Open this challenge up to the whole community in the Challenge Social app or do a 1v1 challenge with your best friend.

Fun challenges to do at home if you’re feeling silly

18. The Chopstick Challenge. Fill a bowl with baked beans and try to eat them using a pair of chopsticks. Whoever can finish their bowl the fastest wins. Not a baked beans fan? Try using Smarties, M&Ms, peanuts or Malteasers. You could even remove the eating element and fill the bowls with marbles for a real challenge; try removing each marble from your bowl until it’s empty. Don’t forget to film your attempt to accompany your challenge on Challenge Social!

19. Cotton Bud Dart Challenge. Find an old white t-shirt and draw a target on the front. Then, pin the t-shirt up to a door or force a family member to wear it! Next, you want to get some cotton buds and some different coloured bottles of food colouring. Assign a colour to each competitor. The way this challenge works is by dipping your cotton bud into the food colouring and throwing it at the t-shirt target like a game of darts. Whoever gets the closest to the centre with their food colouring stain is named the winner. Disclosure: Challenge Social will not be named responsible for any carpet stains! Maybe do this one outside if you can. 

20. The 100 Layer Challenge. It’s time to layer up! Pick your layering item of choice; this could be clothes, socks, nail vanish, foundation. Pretty much anything. Now, start layering. Either film the process or take a picture after you’re done, then challenge your friends or family to do the same on Challenge Social. Need an idea, why not try this 100 layers of hairspray challenge! You might need someone to keep track of your layer building so maybe add a referee to this one. 

21. Lip Reading Challenge. Otherwise, known as the Speech Jammer Challenge. Stick on a pair of noise-cancelling headphones, blast some tunes and get a friend or family member to read out some sentences. You have to try and guess what they’re saying. The more right answers you get the more points you earn. 100% film this. It’ll be hilarious and lip-reading challenges are ideal content for Open Challenges. Here’s a great example by Smosh Games.

22. The Blindfolded Drawing Challenge. This is very similar to the blindfolded make-up challenge but instead of doing make-up - yep you guessed it - you draw! You can do this challenge in two ways. One: play Pictionary style. Draw while blindfolded and have somebody guess what you are drawing. This version is great to play as a Team Challenge on Challenge Social, where you can work together to gather the most points. Version two: look at an image of something, maybe a famous painting, and try to replicate it while blindfolded. With this version, you can see who gets the closest to the actual thing. Whichever version you play, make sure to record all the competitive data on Challenge Social and upload some fun videos!

23. Egg Drop Challenge. Split your family or housemates into teams and do an egg drop challenge. Each team has to create something which will prevent their egg from cracking when dropped from a high window. Give each team a pile of materials to build their egg drop device. This could include cardboard, newspaper, paper, tape, glue, rubber bands, lollipop sticks, plastic bags, straws, feathers and even cotton wool. Whichever parachute device leads to the least damage to the egg is the winner. Try to drop your egg from the highest possible place from your house for the best results. Also, remember to film your egg falling to compare the speed of fall and damage done. Make it more exciting by adding a forfeit for the losing team!

24. The Try Not To Laugh Challenge. You’ll need to keep a straight face for this one. This challenge can be done via video call or in person, whatever works for you. Sit down with your family or a group of friends and either try to make each other laugh or find a ‘Try Not To Laugh’ video like this one online. Whoever is the first to crack is the loser and the person who lasts the longest wins. You could even add a forfeit for the loser; make them pay for the take out or cook dinner tomorrow night! 

25. “Find a…” Challenge. For this challenge you’ll need to select one person to do the calling out. You can add them as a referee when making this challenge when you are creating the title and description for your challenge. They will call out different items or clues for objects you can find inside the house or garden. For example, you might say ‘Find a coat hanger’. Everybody then has to run as fast as they can to find that item and bring it back. Whoever returns first wins a point. Keep going until one player reaches 10 points. We think this challenge would make a great Free For All Challenge Social and recommend filming the whole event to look back on for a few laughs in years to come. 

26. The Bubblegum Challenge. The clue is in the name with this one. Give each competitor a piece of bubble gum and see which friend or family member can blow the biggest bubble. Each attempt should be filmed so bubble size can be judged accurately and a fair winner can be chosen. You could keep this challenge small with a 1v1 or open it up to the whole community and see who on Challenge Social can blow the biggest bubble. Careful not to get it stuck in your hair though!


27. Guess the Song Challenge. Keep it simple and do a guess the song challenge, however, this one might be a little difficult to do on Zoom if you want to avoid cheating. There are tons of great song guessing challenges on YouTube, here’s one to get you started. Award points for guessing the song correctly and bonus points for getting the artist right too. Record your data in Challenge Social and find your winner. 

Still looking for more fun challenges to do at home? Why not have a read of our food challenges blog: ‘Heat things up in the kitchen with these 5 Fun Food Challenges’.

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