15 Fun Family Challenges to do at home

On average, families in the UK spend only 49 minutes together a day. However, since the lockdown, families have started spending far more time together again. We think this is amazing news because we know how important it is to get together, have fun and treasure every second of that quality time with your family. That’s why we’ve brainstormed some ideas for some fun family challenges for you to do with your relatives at home which you can keep track of on Challenge Social.

Have a board game night & see how many wins you can get

Gather together your Monopoly, your Kerplunk, your Scrabble, your Pictionary and your Cluedo and have a fun family game night. With Challenge Social, you could either split into teams and create a Team Challenge or create a Free for All Challenge and compete individually against each other. Create a challenge for each board game that you play and record the winner each time! This is a great way to have a fun, relaxed evening together which the whole family can get involved in. If board games aren’t for you, why not play a game of UNO every Sunday night and keep track of your scores in the app. You could even play Twister or Bop It! Charades are always good fun too. 


Grab a games console & have some fun family challenges on Mario Kart 

Get your old Nintendo Wii out, or if you’re lucky your brand new Nintendo Switch, and challenge your family to a race on Mario Kart! Again, create either a Team Challenge or a Free For All, pick whether you want to be Luigi or Princess Peach and get racing. Want to race for longer? Replay the challenge and gain even more points. Another great family game is Just Dance which again is available on both the Wii and Switch, but also on the PlayStation 3 and 4, as well as the Xbox One and 360. Boogie down and see who’s got the best moves. Don’t forget to film each family member’s attempt so you can look back later for a laugh. If you have a karaoke machine or game, that could be an equally fun evening of family entertainment.


Head Outside!

If it’s not too cold and rainy, why not head outside and have a game of rounders. There’s no better way to bond with the family than getting active in the garden. You could even go old school and host your own traditional sports day event including tug of war, a 3 legged race and an egg and spoon race! Create a challenge for each separate event and then see who’s the overall winner at the end. The Ice Bucket Challenge is another outdoor competition you could try - we’re not sure you could call this one a fun family challenge though! 


None of those challenges sound like you, try one of these:

Create a challenge to see which family member can cook the best meal. Set a day for each person to have their attempt and taste test their cooking for your dinner that night. Score them on taste, presentation and whatever else you see fit. Make sure to take pictures of each meal before you eat to have a record for the referee to look back on when choosing the winner. 

Plan a scavenger hunt. Hide items around the house and garden and devise some clues. Then get searching! The person who finds the most items in the allotted time is named the winner and claims all the points. Take a funny video of everyone running around manically searching; it’ll definitely be a great memory to look back and you can store it with all the challenge data in the app. 

Set up your own bowling alley. Use plastic bottles and a tennis ball and take turns to see who can knock the most down. See who can get the most strikes and find out who is the family bowling champion. 

One of the most fun family challenges is a prank challenge. Set a time limit, for example, everyone has to pull their prank off within the next week. Get experimental and see what fun ideas your family members come up with. There’s nothing like a bit of family banter. 

Host a family quiz! This one is great because you can do it in person with your family in the living room or via Zoom for those relatives who are further away. Family quizzes have become especially popular over lockdown and Challenge Social is a great way to record the weekly winner. 

Try to duplicate an old family photo. You can try this challenge either just within your household and find a photo of each family member in their youth or challenge your wider relatives to see who can best replicate an old family photo. Create a Free For All Challenge on Challenge Social and add each old photo and new photo so you can compare them side by side. Then, decide who did the best job and crown them the winner.

Put your skills to the test with an apple bobbing competition. Get out your washing up bowl and fill it with water. Drop some apples in and see who's the reigning king or queen of apple bobbing. This challenge makes for some hilarious videos. 

Challenge your family to a doughnut eating contest. Tie doughnuts to a string and time how long it takes each family member to get a doughnut off and gobble it down. Looking for more food themed fun family challenges? Try and eat a sugary doughnut without licking your lips. See who can last the longest. 

Do a 7-second challenge. Try to complete a task in under seven seconds and see who can do the best job. This could be almost anything from making a cup of tea, to buttering a piece of bread or finding a pair of shoes and tying or untying the laces. Record the results in Challenge Social and choose your winner. 

Make a costume out of a bin sack. Challenge your family to create the best costume out of a black bin sack. Give each family member a sack and a pair of scissors. Then, set a timer for one minute to see who can make the most impressive costume. Take a picture of each costume and add it to your challenge in Challenge Social. 

Parents - this one’s for you! Make chores into challenges. Assign a chore to each child for the week and whoever completes their chore the quickest and the best every day for a week, gets extra pocket money! Create the challenge in Challenge Social to avoid any arguments. 

Those are our fun family challenge ideas. Now, download Challenge Social to get started. 

With all those ideas, there’s no excuse not to organise a fun family challenge night. Download Challenge Social, create your challenge profile and start challenging. We can’t wait to see you having fun with your family. Our other blog: ‘How to create a challenge on Challenge Social’ will walk you through in simple easy steps how to set up a challenge so you can get the most of your family fun nights. 

What exactly is Challenge Social you ask?

Challenge Social is the exciting new social media app that lets you create and discover challenges. You can compete against and engage with your friends, family and even the pros! Challenges can be absolutely anything, like timing how long you can hula hoop for or do a handstand. There are also multiple challenge types: 1v1, Team, Free For All or and Open. Challenge Social also lets you keep track of all your wins, losses, draws and points. Additionally, you can even add media to challenges to hold on to those all important memories forever.  

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