Version 1.5. The big release!

The time has finally arrived where we can bring you the big 1.5 update! We’re super excited to share with you the major changes we’ve made to the way responses look and function on the app and introduce you to our new voting system. Read more

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World & Culture

Safer Internet Day

With the internet being a massive part of so many of our lives in the modern day, it’s important to understand the ‘Do’s and Don'ts’ when browsing. We have put together a handy blog as to how we plan to keep you safe while using Challenge Social

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9th February 2021

11 challenges for a spooky Halloween night-in

Only one week left until Halloween! Not got any plans? Feeling down that you can’t host a big Halloween bash? We’ve come up with a list of fun activities and challenges you can do this Halloween to ensure you, your friends and your family still have...

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24th October 2020

Say Hello to Challenge Social

Say hello to Challenge Social: the exciting new social media app that lets you create and discover fun challenges. A place for you to compete against and engage with your friends, family and even the pros! We have been working hard since early 2019...

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19th October 2020
World & Culture

26 fun things to do this Sober October

Sober October is here guys! The initiative was started by Macmillan in order to raise money to support those dealing with cancer. Not only is it a good cause but it’s also a great chance to detox your body and have a fresh start as we go into the...

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5th October 2020
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World & Culture

Celebrating diversity on Challenge Social

It's Black History Month, otherwise known as African-American History Month: a time when we learn, recognise and appreciate the achievements and experiences of people of African and Caribbean descent. The recent Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement and...

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1st October 2020

Our Focus on Community

When building Challenge Social, our vision was to create a fun and positive platform, with a strong community focus. Now we have finally launched and our amazing platform is out on both Android and IOS for everyone to enjoy...

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14th September 2020

15 Fun Family Challenges to do at home

On average, families in the UK spend only 49 minutes together a day. However, since the lockdown, families have started spending more time together again. We think this is amazing news because we know how important it is to get together, have fun...

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11th September 2020

How To: Compete with the whole community with an Open Challenge

Previously we’ve written a blog post walking you through how to create a challenge in Challenge Social but now we want to talk to you about Open Challenges. Open Challenges can have unlimited competitors and are open to the whole community...

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10th September 2020

18 Fun Fitness Challenges to get you moving

Going to the gym every day and doing the same routine can get boring really quickly. So, it’s good to try and switch things up every now and then to keep both your mind and body stimulated. You might even find you feel more energised...

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8th September 2020