11 challenges for a spooky Halloween night-in

Only one week left until Halloween! Not got any plans? Feeling down that you can’t host a big Halloween bash? No fear! We’ve come up with a list of fun activities and challenges you can do this Halloween to ensure you, your friends and your family still have a good time. 

1. Who can carve a pumpkin the quickest? Buy a bunch of pumpkins and set up a carving station in your kitchen. Get a couple of friends over or challenge your siblings to see who can carve their pumpkin the quickest. Create a challenge in Challenge Social and film your attempts. Whoever has the shortest time wins. The world record is 16.47 seconds. See if you can beat it. 


2. Best Pumpkin Carving competition - Get creative and carve the best, most artsy pumpkin you can. Create an Open Challenge on Challenge Social to see if anyone can do better. It doesn’t have to be a face, there are so many fun and interesting ideas out there. We love this one inspired by Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas! Set your pumpkin up with a candle inside and snap a photo to show your followers.

3. Halloween Paper Crafts - Looking for a relaxed, chilled evening? Why not pop on a film and make some paper crafts. Grab your scissors and make some paper Halloween garlands like these or try your hand at making paper cobwebs to decorate the house with! You could even make it into a little contest - perhaps the person who makes the best garland wins some sweets?

4. Face Painting - Have a Halloween face painting competition with your friends. The great thing about this one is you can do it virtually via Challenge Social. Create a challenge and upload a picture of the famous spooky character look you plan to recreate. Then, start painting - make sure to film your attempt to show your friends how you achieved your scary look. Finally, once you’re finished add a picture of your finished face paint. Remember to add a referee to decide who's attempt is the best. You don’t even have to use face paint if you can’t get it - just use ordinary makeup instead. Think you can compete with this Pennywise attempt?

5. Have a sweetie scavenger hunt - Hide sweets around your house and garden and see who can find the most sweets within five minutes. Don’t forget to film the whole event - it’ll be a good laugh to look back on in the future. 

6. Halloween cocktails or mocktails - Invite a few friends round for the evening and make some spooky themed cocktails - or mocktails if you’re under 18 or taking part in Sober October! Need some inspo? Why not try making one of these scary concoctions! See who mix up the spookiest and tastiest drink.


7. Costume Competition - Who has the best Halloween costume? Get dressed up and pose for a photo. Whoever has the best costume wins. This one would work great as an Open Challenge. Extra points if you’ve made the costume yourself. 

8. Halloween Games - Host a night of fun Halloween games for your family or friends. There are tons of great games you can play. Here are a few ideas:

  • Apple Bobbing - the prize could be a yummy toffee apple!
  • Guess the gross food game or guess the sweetie!
  • Find the Smarties in the bowl of flour using just your mouth. 
  • Cut up a bar of chocolate dressed in a winter hat, gloves and scarf
  • Split into teams for a quickest Mummy wrap competition. Remember to stock up on your toilet roll. 
  • Doughnut on a string eating contest  
  • Stuff a scarecrow challenge! Get some onesies and stuff them with straw or hay. The quickest to fill their onesie wins. 
  • Guess how many sweets are in the jar challenge

9. Get sporty on Halloween - Make your very own pumpkin crazy golf course in the back garden. For this, you’ll need to buy some pumpkins and carve them with funny faces and golf ball sized mouths! Too much effort for you? Play home-made bowling instead. Grab some toilet rolls for skittles and use a pumpkin as a bowling ball. If you want to make it even more Halloween themed, you could even draw little ghost faces on your toilet rolls like this. Cute! Remember to create a Free For All challenge with your family and friends to keep track of who wins the most rounds!

10. Scream marathon challenge - Snuggle up under some blankets and have a horror movie marathon. What’s the challenge you ask? The first person to scream or jump loses. You could even add a forfeit, for example, the loser has to camp in the garden! 

11.  Cupcake or Cookie decorating contest - Have some fun with your family and friends decorating some cookies or cupcakes with a Halloween theme. Get some orange and black icing, some little spooky decorations like these and go crazy!


Keep track of all your Halloween challenges on Challenge Social

On Challenge Social you can create and discover fun challenges to partake in with your friends and family and even the pros! For any of the challenges above, you can create and tailor the challenge to suit you. If it’s just you and your bestie, create a 1v1 challenge. Want to team up? Choose a Team Challenge. To compete against your family or friends, it’s a Free For All challenge and if you want to challenge the whole community, try an Open Challenge. Once you’ve created your challenge, Challenge Social will keep track of all the wins, losses and points so you can know who is the true King or Queen of Halloween. You can also add media to your challenges, whether that’s funny videos or photo evidence, to look back on for years to come. 

We can’t wait to see what you get up to this Halloween and all the fun challenges you get involved in. Show us your attempts with the hashtag #challengehalloween.

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