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Challenge Social is a place for you to compete, interact and engage with your friends, family and even the pro’s. We allow you to hold all your competitive data under one roof.

Challenge. Track. Share.

View the scores for each challenge and see who’s won the most
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Stay in touch with your friends and plan new challenges together
Have a scroll, see what your friends are up to and discover new challenges
Daily Challenges
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Keep your mind sharp and earn points by taking part in the Daily Challenge
Never miss out. Get notified when you’ve been invited to a challenge
Grow your followers, build an audience, become an influencer and get verified
Check out others responses to challenges and share your own
Challenge Details
Find out the challenge’s competitors, points, forfeit and referee

Create Challenges

Go head to head with a 1 v 1 Challenge, get everyone together for a Team Challenge, see who’s the best with a Free For All Challenge or let the world take part with an Open Challenge, it’s up to you! Add a forfeit for the losers and a referee if you’re getting serious.

Challenge Media

Save the highlights of your challenges by adding media to each challenge - create memories that will last. Engage with other’s challenge media and get involved with their favourite moments. Look back on those funny videos and photos kept alongside all your challenge data.


Scout out the competition on the leaderboards. Check out challenge winners, their wins and losses and the points they’ve earned! And of course, don’t forget to re-check the leaderboards after challenge replays and rematches to see the new winners!

Top Picks

Get involved with some of the best challenges on the app and discover the hottest challenges right now! Compete in these Top Picks or use them for inspiration when planning your next challenge. The Top Picks are updated regularly so check back often to see what’s new!


Keep up to date and see what challenges your friends are taking part in. Like and comment on posts and share your favourites! Stay entertained, follow your favourite users to see their posts pop-up on your newsfeed and quickly discover new challenges to get involved with.

Challenges Responses

All in one place and easy to discover, view everyone’s response to a challenge and see how you compare. Interact with the community, easily see how many responses each challenge has and respond at the tap of a button. As your friends respond to challenges they will pop up on your newsfeed!

Open Challenges

Challenge the whole community to see how you face up against the best of the best. Have unlimited competitors and compete to rank up against users who are at the top of their game. Discover fun challenges, watch the best attempts rise to the top and upload your own response.

Still on the fence?

Have a look at what some of our users have to say
Lauren Smith
GB Badminton Player
As a super competitive person challenge social is my dream app. So being an ambassador is a really exciting prospect. It gets people active, inventive and connecting through technology. Something we've definitely learnt to be important during 2020. I can't wait to share my challenges and try other people's!
Jay Chris
Calisthenics Athlete
When I heard about this app, I automatically thought: Calisthenics is perfect for this. As a Calisthenics athlete, I believe Calisthenics is for everyone and that sharing calisthenics challenges will show users what their bodies are truly capable of. So, I'm very excited to share my challenges and try others' out.
Joe Choong
GB Pentathlete
For me one of the best things about elite sport is about challenging yourself to be the best you can be. That’s why, as an athlete, becoming an ambassador for Challenge Social was a great opportunity to help showcase the challenges of my sport, as well as promote an exciting new platform.
Cyrus Marinay
Calisthenics Athlete
When I heard about this app, I instantly knew it would be great for my sport: calisthenics. The whole aim of calisthenics is challenging yourself and others to try extraordinary movements that the human body can do! So this app is perfect for me. I can't wait to start creating and getting involved in others challenges on Challenge Social!
Megan Elphick
It’s great to be a part of this new community where you can actively engage and challenge your followers. I feel more connected than ever with my audience by setting and responding to real life challenges. It’s certainly a platform like no other.